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Tour description:

Experience great trip in the desert; Quad driving, camel riding, Beduins visit, egyptian tea and shisha enjoying! Barbeque dinner in  5 hours program.

We are offering 2 different programs:

* morning trip – 3 hours

* afternoon trip – 5 hours

Morning (am) trip:

Starting around 08:00 with pick up from hotel. You will be brought by bus or jeep to the quad safari centre (around 30 minutes). You will firstly make a test drive (very easy, all automatic) and then you can drive in the small group to the desert. You don’t need to be holder of driving licence. Children till 16 are not allowed to drive alone.

“Quading” 30 km deep to the desert till you reach the beduin village to be welcomed with the traditional tea. Change the quad for a camel for a while and taste the water pipe!

You will be explained more details about the beduin minority and the traditions. Then the journey back to the safari center and taking bus back to the hotel.

Afternoon (pm) trip:

Pick up time from hotel iis around 13:00 (you can order your lunch box from reception one day before). You will be then brought to the garage-safari center by bus or jeep. The group is driving on quads around 45 minutes till the beduin village. You will try then beduin tea and bread. Small round on the back of camel. Small look into the beduin pharmacy (all products are from desert, made from flowers or animal ingredients). You can buy something original as a souvenir! Program after the sunset continues with the oriental show and barbeque dinner. Evening driving back to the safari center and then back to the hotel.


* Transport

* Quad driving

* Camel ride

* Safari & Quad guide

* Soft drinks

* Shisha

*Barbeque (pm)

Our tips:

* Cover your head with the scarf, protect your eyes with the sunglasses (in the safari centre you can rent special glasses for drive), good shoes and in winter time warmer clothing is required!

Trip days:



20 £ p.P. morning tour

25 £ pr.P. afternoon tour

Extra charge 5 GBP p.P from hotels outside Hurghada, 10 GBP extra from Safaga.

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