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Visa / Airport / Transfer

If you decide to fly to Egypt, you should know that the country requires an entry visa. The guests from Europe do not need to buy it in advance, it is very easy to get it directly at the airport. If you own the passport from another country / Tunis, Turkey ... etc /, get information about the visa at the Egyptian Embassy. Turks living in Europe must book an Egypt trip through the travel agent.

Hurghada Tours advice:

Germany, Belgium, Italy, Portugal and France are the countries whose ID card is accepted for a visa. That means you do not necessarily need to have the passport for Egypt. In this case you need 2 photos (This is a rule, although it is practically only one requested). Please be careful that your documents (identity card or passport) are valid at least 6 months after the planned return flight. This is taken very seriously at your home country airport. This means that otherwise you can be already not allowed to leave from there.

After your arrival at the airport (Hurghada, Marsa Alam, Cairo ...) etc. you have more options to buy the visa. Officially, you can do that at the bank right in the arrivals hall for $ 25. You wait in line, pay, get a sticker in the travel document (or on a special card, in case you have ID, not passport) and let it to be stamped in the tourist police window. You also have the possibility to pay the visa at the tour operator’s counters. It's faster, but you pay a few dollars more.

By arrival in Sharm El-Sheikh you do not need a visa if you do not want to travel from the Sinai Peninsula. You will get for two weeks valid stamp "Sinai only" instead. If you are planning a trip outside of Sinai you will need to buy a normal tourist visa indeed. For example, you cannot travel to Cairo only with the stamp!

The transfer from the airport to the hotel can be arranged privately or through a travel agency. Private drive means you go directly to the hotel and you don’t need to make stops in other hotels and wait till the guide will assist accommodating the others. Private transfers are arranged from 10 £ per trip. Feel free to have a look on our offers. Booking is fast through whatsapp, sms or messenger. Please contact us in advance to get all the information for our service.

Before you leave the arrival hall, after passport control, you pick up your luggage. Be careful, if you miss the suitcase or have something damaged, please contact the customer service directly. You have to fill out the papers / insurance and complaint / inside the hall, once you go out, you will not be able to come back for security reasons the check. While in the arrival hall, you can always find someone who speaks English or German and get the help.

In order to connect to the world online, you will find Mobile Operator Desks / Vodafone, Orange..etc / in the arrival hall, where you may buy the Internet SIM card. You get this already activated, the prices are from 9 Euros. 20GB card costs 9 Euros, 30 GB 15 Euros.