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Dress code / Clothing


When you travel to Egypt for the first time, many of you are asking what is the dress code in the hotel and what you should wear while walking in the street. "Do I really have to wear long pants in the restaurant?" "Is it okay to wear shorts when visiting the city?" "Should I bring warm clothes with me when I travel from November to March?"

Hurghada Tours Advice:

The answer to the first question about the dress code in the hotel: If you stay in a 4 or 5 star hotel, you should wear proper clothes and trousers during the meal. While lunch is also served at the beach restaurant, it is okay to cover your body with light clothing. But 5-star hotels (including hotel chains like Jaz, Albatros, Sunrise) only let men into the restaurant with trousers below the knee. It is for the good impression and respect for the other guests.

In no case you should stay in the indoor restaurant or in the lobby in the swimming suit only.

If you leave the hotel area and walk in places like Hurghada or Sharm El Sheikh, there are no restrictions on the usual clothing. We recommend women to wear something with their shoulders covered. Because of the strong sun and also out of respect for the country in which you are staying. While visiting a mosque or church, your body must be covered properly.

For trips to Luxor or Cairo, we recommend clothing that is comfortable for long trips and protects you from the heat on the other side. For the desert tours use the clothes that protect you from the fine desert sand.

The winter months are cooler and windier. For morning and evening you should bring warm clothes.

In the hotel you can carry everything you want, there are only restrictions on sunbathing "topless". You will also find that written in the hotel information provided at check-in.