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Tips and Money Exchange

Tipping is one of the most common questions when you come here as a tourist. Often you are hearing -there is nothing without dollars or euros, they get the service only if they pay extra, etc ... True and not true.

Hurghada Tours Advice:

Of course, the Egyptians who work in the tourist area are always grateful for the extra money. The wages are unfortunately built so that the tip is also expected. For small service they get 1 Euro or 1 Dollar, it is about 20 Egyptian pounds. For that means a tea in the "coffee shop" plus a small bottle of water and a small breakfast with falafel and bread .... We need to say that tipping also works in normal life between locals ... 1, 5, 10 Egyptian pounds.

As the tourists we always ask ourselves - what should we take with us, which currency is appreciated. Hotel staff is also used to small money, coins, although the bank or exchange office does not accept it. Therefore, they 5,10 or 20 euros, ask the tourists to change it for banknotes so they can get the money change. Do not be surprised if the housekeeper knocks on your rooms door with hand full of euro coins asking to change ...

The prices in the restaurant or in the bar automatically include taxes. It is not necessary to then give extra tips. In tourist’s centers Euro, Dollar or Sterling Pound are fully accepted. Be aware, that Scotland currency is not exchangeable.

The small money for tipping (coins or banknotes) should be brought already from home, because, as already mentioned, they are not available in the bank. The ATMs give you, of course only Egyptian currency - in 50,100 or 200 LE / 2,5 - 10 Euro /.

When it goes around tipping, some may think “we booked all inclusive, we got what we paid”. But a few Euros, which you offer out of the pocket, will certainly make happy some local family, waiting for their working dad anywhere in the small village 4 hours driving from Hurghada, Again and again - if someone deserves it, I give. If not, I will not give. And if you already give the tip, you can get back more than expected.

For the current exchange rate, get information directly in the bank or at the ATM. Online you can calculate this on It does not matter if you change in the bank or at the ATM machine in the hotel. It’s not really big difference. ATM just applies the small bank fees as the money changed and given out are always rounded on 5s.